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Visiting the Capitol for Foster Care Awareness Month

Forward Careers joined the Wisconsin State Youth Advisory Council (YAC), who hosted the 3rd Annual Hands Around the Capitol event to raise awareness for foster care reform. The event took place in the Rotunda at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, WI.

Each year the YAC focuses on a few issues impacting foster care youth and this year’s focus was on post-secondary education, stigma surrounding foster youth, ending homelessness and receiving support regarding mental health.

The event featured a former and current foster youth who shared their stories, the Department of Children and Families Secretary Emilie Admundson, Representative Patrick Snyder, Director of Admissions and Recruitment Troy Moldenhauer, and Representative Lisa Subeck who discussed the importance of college education, mental health, and ending homelessness. Following the speakers, everyone unites and joined hands around the rotunda.

“This event is a great opportunity to educate anyone unfamiliar with the foster care system. To see so many state officials and community members come together to show their support was an experience that they will carry with them for a long time,” said Lauren Quinnies, Career Planner for the Independent Living program at Forward Careers.

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