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rapid response

When workers are laid off due to a business closing or mass layoff, a special process referred to as a Rapid Response is used to quickly assess the reemployment needs of affected workers and get information to those workers.

The Rapid Response Team will work with the business and any business representatives to determine the best course of action. To best assist, the Rapid Response Team will need to understand:​

  • the anticipated layoff schedule,

  • the employer's needs and expectations,

  • the employee representative's needs and expectations,

  • available resources,

  • time and resource constraints,

  • community factors, and

  • workforce demographics, education, skills and needs.​

Types of Services to Affected Workers 

  • Overview of unemployment insurance benefits

  • Overview of alternative pension & insurance programs options

  • Options for Veterans

  • Organize an on-site hiring event/job fair 

  • Overview of WIOA benefits, such as:

    • Career planning

    • Funding for education and training opportunities

    • Information about a wide array of workforce services in different industries

    • Labor market information

    • Resume and interviewing assistance

    • On-the-Job Training 

    • Support services

    • and more...

Additionally, layoffs that require a Wisconsin Business Closing and Mass Layoff (WBCML) or a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) notice need to be addressed to the State's Dislocated Worker Unit and the highest official of the municipality. The purpose of the WBCML and WARN is to provide workers with 60 days' notice to help them prepare for the transition between their current employment and new employment.

For an extensive review of the law, please visit:

Rapid Response Coordinator

Program Manager

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Kathy Wolfe

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