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Tips to Maximize your Company's Job Fair Experience


Select and Send the Right Representatives

Seriously consider sending at least two recruiters to avoid being overwhelmed at especially busy times of the event (normally at the beginning). Reps should be personable, outgoing, knowledgeable and passionate about your company and its job openings. Select reps who will work the crowd and not hide behind smart phones or the table. Reps should be willing to seek out and engage job seekers, not wait passively to be approached.

Make Sure Your Table and Reps Stand Out

Make sure your reps are easily identifiable. Consider having reps wear a company badge or a shirt with your logo on it. Make your table stand out and be memorable. Plan to use table top display and pop up banners, that accommodate an 8’ wide x 7’ deep, to attract job seekers to your booth.

Identify and Know Your Job Opportunities

We collect up to 3 job opportunities at registration to promote inside the Job Fair Conley Publication and on our website for the public's knowledge. Take that a step further and ensure that your reps know what positions you listed to talk knowledgeably about those positions.

Advertise Your Participation in the Job Fair

Tap into your company’s marketing resources to get the word out that you will be at the job fair with immediate career opportunities. Draw more job seekers to your booth by letting the public know that you will be there. Make use of your company’s social networking platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) to announce your participation in the job fair.

Build Your Brand and Reputation