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Husco Partners with Forward Careers’ TechHire Internship Program

Forward Careers joined Husco to welcome fifteen college interns on the first day of their internship.

Meztli Morales, Corporate Recruiter with Husco said, “The TechHire program influenced our onboarding structure and increased training opportunities for collegiate interns. Our Husco teams will be dedicating hours, one-on-one training, and mentorship opportunities to set up our students for a successful summer. We are looking forward to their positive impact on our customers and community!”

With the end of the school year, many students are considering summer employment. Husco, like many other employers, are utilizing paid internships to build a talent pipeline and have partnered with Forward Careers’ TechHire:WorkIT program.

“We recently launched our TechHire internship program that is aimed to help businesses offer paid internship opportunities by providing them with wage reimbursements per eligible intern. It’s a great program for smaller businesses with limited resources to attract talent and hopefully it levels the playing field between competition,” said Cindy Simons, President with Forward Careers.

In 2015, Forward Careers was awarded a four-year $4 million Department of Labor H1-B TechHire Partnership Grant to train 456 individuals from Southeast Wisconsin for technology based employment in the advanced manufacturing, broadband, finance, healthcare, and IT industries.

For details about the TechHire Internship program, please contact us at forwardcareers@wctc.edu.

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