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Grant Helps Young Women Live Independently

The Women and Girls Fund of Waukesha County (WGF) has awarded a $15,000 grant to Forward Careers, Inc., to help young women successfully transition from out-of-home care.

"The support from the Women and Girls Fund will provide valuable work experiences to young women aging out-of-home care in Waukesha County. Our goal is to help them overcome barriers and bring a job that they read about come to life, while building confidence and developing transferable skills," said Cindy Simons, President of Forward Careers.

Forward Careers Independent Living program assists young adults between the ages of 17 1/2 and 21, who experience out-of-home care, learn basic skills to become successful adults. Services include individualized case management, basic living skills, housing, healthcare, employment and education services, and connection to community resources. We empower individuals to self-identify goals to ensure they are the leading voice in shaping their future. Examples of plans and service focus on:

  • High school education

  • Post-secondary education or training

  • Career exploration, planning and employment

  • Safe and stable housing

  • Home maintenance

  • Transportation

  • Health and medical

  • Healthy relationships

  • Financial self-sufficiency

  • Identification/use of community resources and support systems

  • Identification and/or development of life long connections to supportive adults (permanency)

  • Needed documents (birth certificate, social security card, State ID, immigration papers, etc.)

“This grant is an investment to enhance the success and well-being of young women transitioning out of the foster care system in Waukesha County,” said Michelle DuBord, the WGF’s executive director. “Forward Careers’ Independent Living Program helps young women who have aged out of the foster care system connect to resources that help them achieve household, personal and financial stability.”

The Women and Girls Fund was established in 2004 and is dedicated to advancing the health, well-being, education and empowerment of women and girls of Waukesha County by growing their endowment to provide financial grants and supports. To learn more about the Women and Girls Fund, visit

Funding for the Independent Living program is provided by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families: John H. Chafee Foster Care Program for Successful Transition to Adulthood (“Chafee”).

To learn if you qualify for the Independent Living program, submit an inquiry here:



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