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The TechHire:WorkIT program offers young adults between the ages of 17 and 29 an opportunity to pursue short or long term education opportunities and, based on experience, get hired in technology positions in the advanced manufacturing, broadband, finance, healthcare, and information technology industries.

Service Options

  • One-on-one Career Guidance and Planning

  • Cost Free Training in Technology Positions

  • Employment Search and Placement Assistance

  • Internship Opportunities

  • On-the-Job Training Benefits



  • FREE training to eligible individual

  • Assistance with job search and hiring

  • Average annual earnings of $32k - 35k

  • High growth and in-demand careers


  • for ages 17 to 29,

  • have a High School Diploma or GED

  • Want to work in the technology related positions within the advanced manufacturing, broadband, finance, IT or healthcare industries

Example of Approved Programs and/or Jobs

  • Advanced Manufacturing: CNC Machine Tool Programmer, Industrial Machinery Mechanic, Maintenance and Repair Worker​

  • Broadband: Information Security Analyst, Computer Network Support Specialist, Telecommunications Line Installers & Repairers

  • Finance: Sales Representative

  • Information Technology (IT): Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Network Support Specialist, Web & Software Developer

  • Healthcare: Medical Coding Specialist, Medical & Clinical Laboratory Technician, Medical Records & Health Information Technician


Looking for an Internship?

We are currently accepting inquiries from talented college students interested in paid internship experiences earning up to $16.00 per hour. 

Our TechHire:WorkIT Internship program gives students the opportunity to get an overview of a certain field or company, develop knowledge and skills, gain insight into a certain role and valuable set of contacts for the future.


How It Works?

  • You must be between the ages 17 and 29

  • Received a High School Diploma, HSED or GED

  • Lack previous work experience in that field or industry

  • Must be willing to work between 10 hours and 40 hours a week for a total of 240 hours or 90 days, whichever comes first

  • Earn at minimum $16.00 per hour while learning on the job


How We Help!
Our Business Solutions Team will actively consult with businesses
throughout Waukesha, Ozaukee, Washington and surrounding
counties in the advanced manufacturing, broadband / finance /
information technology, and healthcare industries to secure paid
internship opportunities that match your career interests and

Deadline for inquiries is Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

team members

Career Planner

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Amber Zahn


Career Planner

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Lauren Schrubbe

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Avatar_Lauren Q..jpg

Program Coordinator

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Kathy Wolfe

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