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Impactful Internships

Signicast, a Form Technologies Company, partnered with Forward Careers to offer internship opportunities to four individuals with minimal or no work history at their Hartford location.

Of the four interns, three participated in the Worker Advancement Initiative, as manufacturing and project engineer interns. This entailed spending time at units to understand the beginning to end of each production process before being assigned special projects that would be presented to Signicast’s leadership at the end.

Forward Careers was invited to the intern’s capstone project which showcased their experience and their project findings. These projects resulted in identifying better quality control practices and potential technology investments for Signicast.

“To witness the depth of the intern’s assignments and hands on exposure they received, was great. One specific project used data that identified a deficiency was not due to a machine, part, or program but a training improvement opportunity. Now Signicast is looking to implement this practice and use the data to help train new and incumbent workers to enhance production efficiency,” said Cindy Simons, president of Forward Careers.