Windows to work

The Windows to Work Program is a voluntary re-entry program designed to help individuals transition from incarceration back to the community successfully. We provide pre- and post-release services and promote self-sufficiency through skill development and cognitive behavioral training.

Pre- & Post Release Options

  • Reduce Criminal Behavior through Cognitive Intervention (CBI-EMP)

  • General Work Skills and Expectations

  • Financial Literacy Education and Planning

  • Preparation for Employment (Resume and Job Applications)

  • Assistance with Job Search and Placement

  • Education Planning

  • Connection to Local Community Resources


  • Assessed by P.O. and COMPAS recommended supervision level of medium, medium with override consideration or high

  • On DCC supervision for at least 1 year from enrollment date

  • Unemployed at the time of enrollment

  • Must be able to work (not collecting or applying for SSI)

  • Reside in Waukesha, Ozaukee or Washington County

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Lauren Schrubbe

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